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About Us

Throughout my life, I have been intrigued by scents. One of my earliest memories of fragrance involves my grandfather's tobacco pipe.  The sweet, dry, rich aroma of tobacco leaves would envelop my senses as he packed the tobacco. My love of scents inspired me to acquire my first few fragrance molecules 11 years ago with the idea of creating my own scents, which led me to create Gentleman's Hardware, now Imprint Perfumery.


A self-taught perfumer gives me a special appreciation for all the "noses" in the fragrance industry and the wonderful and innovative aromas that they create.  The creator uses science and creativity to improve the world we live in, from the finest perfume to the smell of a household cleaning product.


I invite you to join me on my continuing journey of crafting fragrances.

signature of the founder of Imprint Perfumery
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